Webinar Series

Securing the Ever Connected World Webinar Series

Globalization is driving corporate strategies, while cybersecurity attacks launched from nations far and wide threaten infrastructure and privacy. The impact of the evolving cyberthreat landscape to enterprises and the global economy cannot be overstated. Currently, even the most prepared organizations are falling victim to attackers, only to have their names splashed across the news, destroying customer trust and their reputation.

The repercussions for corporate policy, national security, and the global economy are immense.

In a business environment promising enormous opportunity along with great risk, executives must keep pace with new technologies and legislation and map them to their business strategies.

Moderated by CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon, this timely webinar series brings together world-class leaders in cybersecurity and international policy to interpret today’s environment and help define your cybersecurity defense.

Moderated by CSO Publisher, Robert Bragdon and featuring Malcolm Harkins, Anja Manuel, Dr. Robert Gates, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice.


Watch the Webinar

Webinar 1:
China: Creating Business Partnerships and Preventing Cyberattacks

Presented by: 

  • Anja Manuel, Author and Lecturer in International Policy Studies at Stanford University
  • Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance®

China has emerged as an economic superpower over the past decade, with experts estimating its GDP will bypass that of the U.S. by 2029. With this hyper growth comes greater responsibilities in the global geo-political scene in terms of balancing economic, military, and security concerns.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the business opportunity vs. security risks of doing business with China.

Webinar 2:
Russia – Cybercrime and Prevention

Presented by:

  • Dr. Robert Gates, Partner, RiceHadleyGates, LLC
  • Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance
Historically, U.S. leadership has kept Russia at arms length. With the new administration comes new attitudes toward working with Russia. Since Russia opened up for trade, it has much to offer U.S. companies looking to expand into new markets and tap natural resources. How do we maintain a balanced partnership vis a vis Russia’s aggression toward its neighbors, tight grip on its citizenry and rogue cyber behavior with the potential for positive interests in trade? And, is it worth the trouble?

Webinar 3:
The World and Cyberspace – Populism, Privacy, and Prevention

Presented by:

  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Founding Partner, RiceHadleyGates, LLC
  • Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance
Juxtapose random terrorist violence with cyber attacks disrupting critical business systems from all points on the globe, and the stunning growth in the use of digital media to sway popular opinion for good and bad and you have a new world stage in need of new rules. Government agencies around the world are clamoring to tamp down sensitive data leaks with new regulations. Is this the right approach? And, where do we go from here?