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Fileless attacks have won the arms race against traditional AV solutions. By hijacking legitimate resources to compromise systems, fileless attacks evade blacklists, disk scans, and signature-based security. Companies may be tempted to address fileless threats by adding more layers of security to their legacy solution, but unfortunately, this is a losing strategy.

Fighting a war of attrition where temporary success is achieved at the cost of system performance is a path that leads to defeat.

Cylance® protects environments against fileless attacks without sacrificing system performance. This white paper explains how fileless malware can be successfully defeated by examining:

  • The definition and scope of fileless attacks
  • The vital role of exploit kits
  • Kovter, the malware that adopted a fileless approach
  • The Cylance approach to combating fileless attacks using CylancePROTECT® Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention, and Script Management, as well as CylanceOPTICS™

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