Webinar recorded on April 5, 2018 | Webinar length: 1hr

Ransomware Stories from the Front Lines



Ransomware Stories from the Front Lines Ever wonder about the dynamics of a ransomware negotiation, such as incident cost and the success rate of those negotiations? In this talk, Thomas Pace answers these questions and more. Thomas walks through the highs and mostly lows of dealing with a ransomware incident. The presentation also includes details about multiple, real-world ransomware cases Thomas personally managed that made him laugh, cringe, and cry.

Ransomware case topics include:

  • How to negotiate with ransomware attackers
  • Mistakes made by ransomware attackers
  • Various communication methods and agreements used by ransomware attackers
  • What happens when attackers send the wrong decryption keys
  • How to acquire bitcoin
  • How to prevent your organization from becoming a victim of ransomware