On April 17, 2018, NSS Labs published its annual Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test Report and Security Value Mapping.

During the 2018 NSS Labs AEP Test, NSS Labs encountered a CylanceOPTICSTM bug which impacted the CylanceOPTICS behavioral engine. This issue was immediately recognized and addressed within 12 hours and does not impact CylanceOPTICS customers.

Recognizing that the bug had prejudiced Cylance’s initial performance and overall placement in the test, NSS worked closely with our team to rectify the issue and commenced with retesting of CylancePROTECT and CylanceOPTICS.

The results of the public retest demonstrate that Cylance has excelled, once again, in the 2018 NSS Labs endpoint product test, achieving an overall 99.1% efficacy rate, resulting in Cylance being named an "NSS Labs Recommended" Security Vendor.

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