Preparing for a cyber attack is a bit like training for a championship prizefight. If you underestimate your opponent, your organization could suffer irreparable injuries to its health and reputation.

Join us on March 25th for the launch of our new Attack Simulation Service and learn how BlackBerry Cylance Red Team experts can help you prevent threat actors from achieving their attack objectives and impacting your organization. During his security briefing, Practice Director Anthony Paimany will discuss:

  • Why BlackBerry Cylance offers two complementary Attack Simulation Service engagements. Breach Simulation is for organizations that want to validate their security assumptions, identify gaps in their security fabric, and strengthen their overall security posture. Adversary Simulation engagements, driven by threat intelligence, are right for organizations that want to test their defenses against authentic simulations of attacks carried out by threat actor groups that are actively targeting your industry.
  • The tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) we use are designed to test the efficacy of defensive capabilities across your people, processes, and technology, and exercise your security team’s playbooks for detection, response, and remediation.
  • How to assess the capabilities of a prospective red team service provider to ensure their testing processes are both effective and ethically sound.
  • War stories from the field that illustrate a real- world example of how BlackBerry Cylance successfully breached a client’s cyber defenses.

If you have a stake in protecting your organization from cyber attacks, then we urge you to attend this essential security briefing.


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