This report from 451 Research answers the critical business question: “How do we best allocate our limited security resources?”

Organizations worldwide struggle with the same cybersecurity problems. Security teams are overwhelmed by preventable incidents originating from endpoints. Cybersecurity experts are in short supply. Employees with cybersecurity expertise are often difficult to retain. Meanwhile, advanced persistent threat groups, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other cyber threats seem to grow without limit.

This report explains how endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems can use machine learning (ML) to resolve security challenges and provide advanced solutions.

Download the report to learn how ML-driven EDR can:

  • Predict and prevent successful cyber attacks
  • Autonomously record, report, and stop malicious system behavior
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of existing security resources
  • Outperform traditional threat analysis methods
  • Aid analysts in coding highly effective, efficient, organization-specific security policies

This is a must-read document for anyone interested in learning how ML-driven EDR can maximize the returns of their cybersecurity investments.

Author: Fernando Montenegro of 451 Research®

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