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Squashing Emotet – Responding To 2018’s Most Active Threat



The threat landscape is changing once again – and the past couple months has seen the resurrection and resurgence of a familiar threat: Emotet. Emotet is a destructive piece of malware that has undertaken numerous purposes over the years, including stealing data and eavesdropping on network traffic. The malicious team that created Emotet has changed their business model. They now will create custom versions of malware that utilizes Emotet as the delivery mechanism to introduce other trojans. By doing this, they have effectively changed the threat landscape for millions of companies across the world.

Cylance® solutions can help protect your organization against these new threats. Watch Cylance’s Consulting Director Sig Murphy, as he discusses:

  • The evolution of Emotet, including the latest variants
  • Recommended practices for mitigating the risk
  • Using prevention as a defensive strategy

Don’t leave your organization exposed.