Cyber criminals have mastered the art of flooding an enterprise with attacks until a successful breach occurs. Many businesses risk being compromised by relying on traditional detect-and-respond security solutions. Today’s risk management leaders need agile defenses that quickly adapt to a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Organizations can actively prevent cyber attacks by taking advantage of advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and big data. Blackberry® Cylance® security solutions are engineered to upgrade your environment to a prevention-first model that proactively protects your organization. This shift to prevention and protection brings the strategic benefits of cybersecurity to every aspect of the organization.

Attend this webinar to learn how Cylance’s prevention-first solutions:

  • Drive down the overall costs of running a business by drastically reducing incident response events and the re-imaging of machines
  • Decrease the burden on internal IT and security resources, resulting in more efficient employees
  • Leverage AI technology to differentiate yourself in the market, boost customer confidence, and fight fraud

Join Blackberry Cylance VP Consulting North America Ben Deckers, for this informative look at implementing a prevention-first security posture.

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