On Demand Webinar | 1 hour

The Economic Impact of BlackBerry Cylance Security Solutions



Our guest speakers, Chris Sherman and Julia Fadzeyeva of Forrester, reviewed the findings of a study that analyzed the benefits, costs, and risks of adopting BlackBerry Cylance cybersecurity solutions. In addition, the webinar also reviewed past customer experiences and our Zero Trust approach.

BlackBerry Cylance AI-driven cybersecurity solutions offer a predictive advantage over known, unknown, and zero-day threats. Determining the return on investment (ROI) of adopting our preventative security suite is difficult, since threats are often stopped before they inflict losses. Among other key factors that will be explained, Forrester Consulting considered the following when compiling this study:

  • Savings from dismantling legacy cybersecurity products
  • Improvements in cybersecurity team productivity
  • Savings due to improved investigation and response capabilities
  • Financial impact of conducting fewer machine re-images